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This medical exhibit features the following multiple images rnNormal Anatomy: rn1. Anterior (front) orientation view of the pre-accident left leg and bones from the thigh down to the foot. The main bones of the left leg showing the knee- proximal tibia and distal femur locating the injury in this case. rn2. Left Tibial Plateau Fracture: post-accident X-Ray film print along with a matching illustrated view of the fractures. Bicondylar tibial plateau fracture labeled per the reports and film.rn3. External Fixation: a single anterior post-operative view after placement of the initial external fixator to stabilize the fracture site with pins spanning the bones above and below the fracture site. rn4. Open Reduction and Internal Fixation: post-operative X-Ray film print along with another matching illustrated view of the the final condition after removal of the external fixator with all internal fixation plate(s) and screw(s) shown.rn
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